Engineering + Concept

Design is the first important step of product or system development. Well-thought-out planning and solid concept development form the cornerstones of a successful project. Therefore, rely on our experience, so that your project will have firm standing from the beginning. Our objective is to make your idea visible and tangible.


Silas Bühler

Team Leader Engineering

T +41 71 552 48 87

Companies always ask the same questions: Why is our product more expensive than that of the competition? Are there less expensive solutions and alternative methods? Can we reduce the number of parts or integrate additional functions? Professional engineering is the solution. As a continuous development process, it makes companies competitive. The experienced team from aerne engineering seizes ideas, designs new solutions, and meticulously calculates and analyzes these. Simulations and technical documentation are created. To make sure that procedures can be optimally complied with, aerne engineering also implements this project work directly at the customer site – the development process or the entire project management.