Technische Liefervorschriften

1. scope of application


1.1 These technical delivery specifications are an integral part of the offer. All agreements deviating from it must be fixed in writing. The following order of priority shall apply: 1.2 Priority 1: Legal regulations, in particular safety regulations. 1.3 Priority 2: The printed text of the offer. Handwritten changes require mutual sign-off. 1.4 Priority 3: Written agreements which deviate from the following regulations, provided that reference is made to them in the order. 1.5 Priority 4: General technical regulations.


**2. compliance with the regulations


2.1 Aerne Engineering AG (hereinafter referred to as AERNE) guarantees by the order confirmation the compliance with all individual components of these technical delivery specifications as far as they are not excluded by special agreements. AERNE guarantees in particular compliance with the following guidelines:


  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • EMC - Directive 2014/30/EU


3. prices, conditions and scope of delivery


3.1 The prices quoted in the offer include the following components, unless otherwise described:

  • Project management
  • Development and design
  • Preparation of the manufacturing documents
  • Procurement and manufacture of the production parts
  • Procurement of the machine components
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • programming
  • Assembly at AERNE
  • Commissioning (hereafter IBN) at AERNE


3.2 The assembly and IBN includes the installation and wiring of all components and system parts included in the scope of delivery. Acceptance takes place at AERNE under the operation defined in the specifications or the list of requirements. The duration shall be determined at the discretion of AERNE.


3.3 The definitive documentation shall be completed after acceptance and submitted to the customer no later than four weeks after acceptance. It will be submitted once in paper form and once in electronic form (excl. purchased part documentation). The documentation is in German and contains the following chapters:

  • Operating instructions (AERNE template)
  • Electrical diagram, if necessary
  • Pneumatic diagram, if necessary
  • Submission of relevant assembly e-drawings for ordering wear and spare parts
  • CE declaration of conformity or EC declaration of incorporation
  • Acceptance certificate


3.4 The training of the personnel takes place in Arbon.


3.5 In the event of changes to the order confirmation and the specifications, or the list of requirements, AERNE shall notify the additional costs and the delay in delivery as soon as possible.


3.6 AERNE is not responsible for the following components:

  • Energy supply (interface: control cabinet, compressed air preparation).
  • Samples and individual parts are to be provided to AERNE in sufficient quantities. Deadline postponements due to missing provided parts must be accepted, if Aerne is not at fault.
  • Procurement of dummy parts
  • Adjustments on site


3.7 The price is quoted EXW Arbon, unpacked (Incoterms 2010). See also General Terms and Conditions.


3.8 Payments are due within 30 days net.

  • 30% After order
  • 30% After approval of the concept
  • 30% After acceptance at Aerne Engineering or before delivery
  • 10% After signing of the commissioning report or 30 days after delivery at the latest.


3.9 Prices are based on current exchange rates. In the event of exchange rate fluctuations of 5% or more to the disadvantage of AERNE, prices are subject to adjustment.


3.10. Delivery deadlines are stated in the offer and confirmed in the order confirmation. The order confirmation shall be deemed to be the start date.


3.11. AERNE shall not be liable to pay any compensation in the event of a delay in delivery. However, AERNE shall be obliged to give immediate notice of any postponement of dates.


3.12. If the equipment is not collected from AERNE within 30 days after acceptance at the latest, storage costs in the customary amount will be charged.


3.13. A bank guarantee can be issued on request. The costs are not included in the offer and will be invoiced separately.


4. project procedure


4.1 Initialisation

  • In the preliminary study the still open questions are clarified in order to complete the requirement specification
  • Calculation based on the information
  • Preparation and presentation of the offer
  • Project order (release for conception phase)

4.2 Concept


  • Creation / definition of the requirements specification or the list of requirements
  • Development of the solution proposal as a basis for decision-making
  • Drawing up the overall schedule with milestones
  • Discussion of the concept with the client
  • Concept approval by the client (milestone, max. 48h after receipt)


4.3 Development

  • Development and elaboration of the concept
  • Release of the design (milestone, max. 48h after receipt)
  • Preparation of the production documents


4.4. production

  • Production and procurement of the individual components
  • Assembly
  • Control construction and programming
  • IBN at AERNE


4.5 Introduction

  • Acceptance by the client at AERNE
  • Training at AERNE


5. plant design, machine elements


5.1 As a matter of principle, AERNE shall endeavour to build the plant in accordance with the latest state of the art. Care is taken to ensure the quietest possible operation and the best possible accessibility to the various stations.


5.2 The facility will be built on a stable base frame.


5.3 The following points describe the design of a typical AERNE plant or machine. In the case of special requirements, AERNE reserves the right to use components from other manufacturers. Components from well-known manufacturers are used. Special customer requirements can be catered for, but must be recorded in writing when the quotation is prepared.

  • Profile systems: Robotunits
  • Protective enclosures: Robotunits, Troax
  • Pneumatics: FESTO, Schunk, SMC
  • Gripper systems: Schunk
  • El. linear systems: Schunk, FESTO, LinMot
  • Electric drives, gears, frequency converters: Nord, MT, Tramec, Varmec, Servomech, MDrive, Dunker, Toshiba, SEW
  • Servo drives: FESTO, Panasonic, Bosch, Yaskawa, B&R
  • Robotics: ABB, Stäubli, Yaskawa, KUKA, FANUC
  • Controllers: Siemens, Eaton, Beckhoff, B&R
  • Sensors: Baumer, SICK, Cognex, Wenglor
  • Feeders: ASBA (own product)


5.4 The input devices are chosen according to the complexity of the installation.


5.5 By default, no permanent sensor monitoring is carried out over all sensors. Only those sensors which are important for the current programme sequence or which contribute to the safety of man and machine.


5.6 The colour shades are selected as follows:

  • Base frame: RAL7035, RAL5017 silk gloss
  • Drives ASBA: Stainless polished
  • Switch cabinets: RAL 7035
  • Purchased parts: Standard colour Supplier


6. plant performance, environment, connections


6.1 The plant performance is described in the mutually signed specifications or the list of requirements or in the offer.


6.2 The following environmental conditions must be submitted to AERNE without request, at the latest at the time of ordering:

  • Ambient temperature
  • air humidity
  • floor load
  • Lift mass
  • Gate mass


6.3 Connection data

  • Electrical connection: 400/230V ±5%, 50Hz
  • Pneumatic connection: 5-6bar, cleaned and unlubricated air


**7. acceptance


7.1 The date of acceptance is mutually agreed.


7.2 The defined plant services and requirements (6.1.) are to be fulfilled for the acceptance.


7.3 Basically, the acceptance is valid at AERNE, the signature of the commissioning protocol is only for the functional test at the customer's site.


7.4 Changes and requests compared to the offer, concept or design approval will be charged with additional expenditure.

7.5 Is a plant, machine or system developed or developed and built by Aerne Engineering AG on behalf of the customer not released or accepted by the customer, the accepted by the customer, the customer may not put it into and thus not produce any parts/components, assemble, test, etc. (no intended operation). If the customer nevertheless puts the plant, machine or assembly, Aerne Engineering AG cannot be held liable for any personal injury or damage (parts/components, damage to the plant, etc.) nor for consequential damage.


**8. confidentiality agreement


8.1 A non-disclosure agreement can be signed at the customer's request. The scope of the agreement shall be determined by the client.


Status: May 2019, AERNE reserves the right to make changes to these TLV at any time without prior notice. The current TLV are available on the homepage.